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Located at Pluto Studios complex in the heart of Tel-Aviv, Israel - the studio offers a quiet & peacefull island in the busy city. Equipment includes: Full protools rig, ProAc speakers, Briston amplifiers, MacPro, Lavry mastering converters, Ampex 440b - 4 track analog tape machine, Outboard tube equipment and much more.


Equipment List:

ProAc studio 100

Bryston 4b

Bryston 6b st

Jbl 4435 speakers

APS Sub10

Lavry LE4496 converters (4in / 4out)

Antelope Zen studio


MacPro 2x3.2 Eight core, 32gb ram

Manley NuMu

BFE Filtek MK3  eq (2)

Roland PA60 Vintage Mixer

Roland PA120 Vintage Mixer

API 312 (Origina)

JoeMeek vc3q

DBX 160A

Signal OD1 

Signal OD2 

Altec 1592B (2)

Sennheiser hd25

Sennheiser hd600

beyerdynamic dt990

Electrix filterqueen

Tascam portostudio cassete mixer

Apogee Da16

Drawmer 1960

Dbx 263x (2) 

Roland SpaceEcho Re201

Scully 280

Ampex 440b 1/2" 4 channel tape machine

1/4” 2 track revox tape machine

Maxon Ad2000 delay 

Sansui Spring reverb


Neumann Km184 (2)

Neumann Km183 (2)

Neumann U47 FetN

Neumann M149 Tube

Akg 414 B ULS (3)

Violet “the finger” (2) 

Shure Unidyne 57 (4)

Shure Sm57 (2)

Shure Beta57

Audix om7 (2)

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